Climb 4-5%

(ITALIANO)Buongiorno,è possibile per Zwift fare una salita di 10km o più,al 4-5% per fare ripetute SFR (salita-forza-resistenza)?
(ENGLISH)Hello, is it possible for Zwift to climb 10km or more, at 4-5% to do repeated SFR (climb-strength-endurance)?

This sounds like a good use for Zwift’s workout feature. You can either use ERG mode with a specific power target, or turn ERG mode off and use incline mode to adjust the resistance. Then do the workout on any of the longer climbing routes such as Road To Sky, La Reine, or Ven-Top.

You could also do a free ride on Road To Sky with the Trainer Difficulty setting at around 50%. Average gradient on the climb is 8.5%, however there are numerous gradient changes so it would not be constant resistance like you would get in a workout.

(uso il traduttore)Mi piacerebbe più avere una salita costante al 4-5% senza cambiare impostazioni o durezza manuale sul rullo…se è possibile farlo
(I use the translator) I’d rather have a constant climb at 4-5% without changing settings or manual hardness on the trainer…if it’s possible to do it

Not possible without using some feature to make it happen. There are no long climbs with steady 4-5% grade