Classic Trainer with Apple TV 4k Zwift app.

Im using wahoo speed and cadence sensor, and an Elite fluid ritmo classic trainer.


Is there a way to calibrate the system for best performance? It seems like I am pedaling a lot harder than I’m moving on the screen, people are always passing by me. I’ve checked my height and weight settings. In addition the W reading seems off when I’m doing a training session and asking me to pedal up to a certain W. For example 150W and I can’t pass 65W regardless of effort. I set my wheel size, and on the apple tv zwift app, there is no option to select my classic trainer, just “not available”. Could that be the reason? I’m concerned I wont be able to use Zwift fully with my current set up and enjoy it. Disappointing after investing in new sensors and the apple tv 4k to get zwift on the big screen, Any suggestions?

This link may help you out in getting it setup correctly:


Hi Paul thank you for the reply. I’ve see that post the other day, and have identified my train as _ Elite Fluid Red Roller. _ The issue now is getting the Apple Tv Zwift app to give me that option. Currently it comes up as not available once I pair my sensors._   _

Aaron…I am pretty sure you sorted this out by now. I am brand new and found myself with the same problem trying to find my trainer. My trainer was listed on Zwift as being in there somewhere. I beat my head on a wall and found this thread. All but convinced I missed something in the initial setup and was ready to delete the app and start over. I took one last look and it turned out it was all ME. The default on the Apple TV4K had it scrolled all the way down (or I did it without noticing). I finally noticed the orange dot on the far right and scrolled up, only to find every trainer system that is listed on Zwift. Watts jumped up to where they should be (for virtual watts anyway) and I felt like my effort was more appropriately displayed while riding.
. So hopefully this helps someone in the future.