Classic Trainer Settings

I have a Minora B60 classic trainer. Swift tells me to use the “L” setting but that is too easy - just spins out and gives silly high power readings. I can use “H”, may usual setting but will the power and speed readings be correct?

Hi Gus. 

If you use a different setting, then the power and speed readings will be much less accurate. It is recommended that you follow the suggested settings, while also ensuring that the rest of your setup is correct. It’s also important to remember that zPower’s wattage estimate is intended as a benchmark for progress. It isn’t an exact measurement and will likely differ from your actual power.

Please see this knowledge base article to ensure that you are properly set up with your classic trainer.

Hi Nick


Thanks for the speedy reply.

I’m sure everything is set up correctly

In the recommended L setting I don’t  get a workout and am speeding past everyone else so I guess I’ll just have to use the H setting and be slow!


But seriously, is there a chance that L is a misprint?