Clarifying Event Category within the game screen

 It would be great if the event category, i.e. Group Ride, Group Workout, Race, were clearly identified in the event field on the screen.   Placing the identifier before the Description would make it simple to scan the list to pick an appropriate event.   It seems to me that today you must use Mobile Link filtering to know what the event category is…  wouldn’t it make sense for the category to take precedence right in the event screen within the main game program?

Hi David,

We do this for workouts - the little graph icon. I am not sure if the race flags icon that are present in ZML to indicate races are in the game events listing yet; they are coming soon if they are not in yet. And then if it is not a race or workout, then it’s a group ride.

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

Please clarify.  I don’t understand the icons apparently.  


Thank you