Clarification on earning stars on Alpe du Zwift...?

This morning I was doing a workout while climbing up Alpe du Zwift. While messing with views and camera angles between hairpins 21 and 20 I somehow did a U-turn. Oops.

I read on these forums that if you go back down below the previous hairpin, U-turn and repeat the section, the star will be awarded. So this is what I did.

I made sure to go well below hairpin 21, U-turned and climbed back up around hairpin 21 along the straight and around 20, but I did not get the star for 20.

If something goes wrong while climbing Alpe du Zwift (accidental U-turn, dropped connection, etc…) is there a way to recover and earn the star for the section, and thus earn a chance to spin the wheel at the top and get credit for climbing the Alpe?