The ability to choose any city to ride in without having to complete levels. :blush:

Do you mean the option to choose any course you want to ride?

The level restriction for some routes is lifted for group workouts/rides, I believe

Alternatively, ride and unlock the levels. I think after level 12 everything is unlocked. Ride flat courses with the distance set to kilometres to quickly gain XP

Can confirm that the level restriction is lifted for group workouts/rides - I was able to do ruins before level 12.

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Yes. You have to complete each level before a new city will open up. I mean, it’s ok, but it would be more fun to choose the city you want to ride in each time

I usually ride solo, maybe I’ll give a group a try. Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile:

I ride in miles, I’ll change it to km on my next ride to see if that’s any faster to clear all levels. I’m in level 9, so not to much farther to go. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: