I’d like to see it Chromecast to my TV from my phone. Expecting that feature to be added? Thanks!

i don’t think the chromeast have the processing power to render the graphics. Did you try to cast your phone screen to you chromecast and then run Zwift.

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I haven’t yet but will try!

I was able to use the screen mirror feature on Google Home to send my zwift screen from my Samsung tablet to my Tv. The bluetooth on my Kickr and powermeter/cadence paired BLE ok. I only rode for 5 min but it did NOT seem glitchy. Similar quality to 720-1080 session on PC.
To Do this: Download google home app and connect to chromecast - I have a Gen1 unit. In the main screen you need to hit the little circle and dot icon (account) on the lower right to get to the accounts tab. Choose Mirror Device and tap on your chromecast. Your tv screen should now show whatever you put on your tablet or phone screen.
Note - the image on your tv will not stretch the whole picture. You will have the black bars on either side.
Cool feature. A+ Zwift Dev team.


That’s great to know. I’m currently running Zwift on my Sony Z5 (screen too small for extended use) and a 1st gen nexus for the companion app. Works well but will be better if I can cast the screen from the Z5 to an old TV using my chrome cast. It will make android use much more accessible than having to by a new and more powerful tablet. People tend to upgrade phones more often so are more likely to have one that can run the app. Casting to another older android tablet would also be a great option as I have a couple laying around.

Just put this to the test. Using chromecast to mirror the screen of my Z5 to an old 24 inch TV. Only downside was zwift blocking background music from other apps (YouTube this time, which I know will play with the screen locked or other apps open.) it would be a shame to have to use a different sound system and complicate the set up, I’m already using 2 phones and a tv/chromecast now I need a set of speakers too.