I’d like to see it Chromecast to my TV from my phone. Expecting that feature to be added? Thanks!

i don’t think the chromeast have the processing power to render the graphics. Did you try to cast your phone screen to you chromecast and then run Zwift.

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I haven’t yet but will try!

I was able to use the screen mirror feature on Google Home to send my zwift screen from my Samsung tablet to my Tv. The bluetooth on my Kickr and powermeter/cadence paired BLE ok. I only rode for 5 min but it did NOT seem glitchy. Similar quality to 720-1080 session on PC.
To Do this: Download google home app and connect to chromecast - I have a Gen1 unit. In the main screen you need to hit the little circle and dot icon (account) on the lower right to get to the accounts tab. Choose Mirror Device and tap on your chromecast. Your tv screen should now show whatever you put on your tablet or phone screen.
Note - the image on your tv will not stretch the whole picture. You will have the black bars on either side.
Cool feature. A+ Zwift Dev team.


That’s great to know. I’m currently running Zwift on my Sony Z5 (screen too small for extended use) and a 1st gen nexus for the companion app. Works well but will be better if I can cast the screen from the Z5 to an old TV using my chrome cast. It will make android use much more accessible than having to by a new and more powerful tablet. People tend to upgrade phones more often so are more likely to have one that can run the app. Casting to another older android tablet would also be a great option as I have a couple laying around.

Just put this to the test. Using chromecast to mirror the screen of my Z5 to an old 24 inch TV. Only downside was zwift blocking background music from other apps (YouTube this time, which I know will play with the screen locked or other apps open.) it would be a shame to have to use a different sound system and complicate the set up, I’m already using 2 phones and a tv/chromecast now I need a set of speakers too.

Had my first run the other day and was looking all over the app for the little cast icon on my S8. Really unfortunate that this is not something available yet. Is it really a rendering issue with the chromecast? That’s difficult to believe with everything else that can take advantage of the feature. I’ll try the mirroring option as well - surprised that would work where direct cast would not.

Is there any additional work being done by the Zwift team to add? This would be necessary for my home bike riding experience as well.

Direct casting only works if the content is served directly from a server on the Internet, such as Netflix movies. If the rendering (i.e. game) is running locally on your device, then you can only use the mirror function.

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The chrome cast does not have the rendering capabilities like the phone, your best bet is to to mirror your phone screen.

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Mirroring works, however it is much more temperamental than mirroring other content. I can watch a movie, stream TV etc with no issues, but I rarely make it through half of a ride before the mirroring drops out. Never happens when I’m mirroring other apps that don’t chromecast like prime video

But movies and TV is not rendering it is just displaying what is being sent. With Zwift your Phone need to work a lot harder with many more things to do.

Prime Video has had Chromecast support since two months ago.

Yes that is video. Video is different from game rendering. Your phone is not really streaming the video to the chromecast it just tell the chromecast what to play and where to get it on the internet, you can turn your phone off and the video will still play.

Zwift is a game with graphics that has to be rendered/drawn frame by frame (at a minimum of 20 frames per second) that takes a lot of processing power and it is all done on the phone.

Look on the google play store for chromecast games and you will see they are very limited in amount and graphics.

if the chromecast could do games then there would be a lot of games for kids and people wont need to invest in PS4 or the xbox.

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Yeah, I was actually replying to OP that Prime Video does in fact support Chromecast streaming and not mirroring. Earlier versions was mirroring but the latest version (cats and dogs sleeping together) has streaming.

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I use Zwift with my Chrome cast.
I mirror the game from my Pixel 2 XL, work perfectly.
You must have a good wifi router if you want a stable connexion.
I use google mesh network.
I had issue with my chromecast when i had my previous linksys router.