Chromebook compatibility

I would love to be able to use my Acer Chromebook (that has access to the play store) to ride on Zwift, other apps like Rouvy or TrainerRoad are on there…

Me too! I sideloaded the app in Dev mode to check it runs OK. (HP Chromebook G1 Core M7 Intel 615HD gfx) It’s way better than on my Galaxy S9+. There’s no reason I can see that it shouldn’t be opened up to Chromebooks. They are the most popular laptop in the US nowadays!

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yep - i’d love that too!

Agree. My Chromebook is my go to device. I’d love this too.

I found a variety of requests out of this forum, and none here so I would like to add this here. Modern Chromebooks run Android. They don’t run an emulator (something that Zwift supports thinks it is), they run Android, period, from the Linux kernel down to the whole stack. It’s in a container, like most things in Chrome OS, because Chrome OS cares about security, but it’s the same code.

There are a few posts that mention that Zwift runs fine of sideloaded on a Chromebook. Sadly, sideloading requires developer mode in Android (easy) but also in Chrome OS (not that complicated but not practical for most as it changes the boot sequence, adds big warnings, wipes your device on transition, etc.).

Graphics intensive Android apps run on Chromebooks (the Asphalt car racing game is on some “top games for Chromebooks” lists) and there are lots of high performance Chromebooks out there. It started with the Samsung Chromebook Pro, and then the likes of the HP x2, Google Pixelbook and Slate and now many more at affordable price points.

Training apps run on Chromebooks. On my Chromebook I can easily find and install TrainerRoad and the BKool simulator which has a 3D world like Zwift.

Just like the Apple TV can share development and QA with the iPhone/iPad app, Chromebooks can do the same with the Android app. And Zwift could just have a “Zwift Beta for Chromebooks” app (which would be the exact one as the Android Zwift) published and targeted for Chromebooks if they wanted to lower expectations until they are satisfied that it performs well on a variety of devices.

It seems like a no brainer…

(Disclaimer: You’ll find my name as a Chrome OS developer. I do own a Macbook too, ironically used just for Zwift. I am not posting because I am a Chrome OS zealot, but partially because I know that was Zwift support tells people about Android being “emulated” and therefore not an option in Chrome OS is just not true. And partially because it would be awesome to be able to have Zwift on my primary device along with TR, as I don’t plan to get a new Mac and this one is getting long in the tooth.)


I too use a chromebook for my primary device - Pixelbook 2. I would love to not have to use a castoff PC to run Zwift, the Chromebook is much faster, cleaner device. When can we see support for Zwift in Chrome OS.

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When you side loaded zwift onto your Chromebook, can you recall if you had access to the zwift workout creator?