Choose Pride/Progress flag in profile?

In your profile you can choose the flag you like. I think it would be nice if there also was a pride and/or progress flag available, which will be shown in game behind your name.

It is part of the official emojis on a lot of platforms. Why not in Zwift?

not the same thing, but Zwift does have a pride kit you can wear.

Yes I am totally aware of that. And I also ride with my pride kit.

another option, but I’m not sure if it shows up in game, is to add the flag to your name.

Voted, although I wonder what that would do to my own experience of riding in Zwift. I’d be very tempted to select that flag myself, and I suspect there might be other good flags to offer as well in the same vein. But I also appreciate seeing all the nationalities on display as I’m riding, so I’m a touch conflicted. I guess there are already people who don’t select a nationality/flag, so maybe it wouldn’t take away so much from the national flags that I like seeing.

What if they just offered the pride kit, or a pride hat, for free? I only joined in Sept, so I can’t wear the pride kit because I didn’t do the event (yet). But if there was an unlock code for a pride cap, I’d be rocking that all the time.