Choise of starting a new course at the compleation of one


I prefer to do the courses in zwift since I don’t have to think about making the right turns.
However I seldom ride the short ones since i like going different places and dont want to “get stuck” going around all the time.

So I was thinking 2 senarios:

  1. At the completion of a course, you get the list of choises of other courses starting nearby, this will eventually make it possible to do a lot of shorter courses i conjection or combine the long and short courses.

  2. At the menu, you could plan a longer course by combining more than one, before pushing “RIDE”.

Zwift is first and foremost a great tool for workout and training and a great place for socializing with like minded, but a lot of the riders are also hunting miles, lvl., drops and trying to complete all the courses, this addition would be a perfect solution in this hunt.

I do think it would be a good idea to make this possibility a optional choise, meaning that it could be a tick you place in the options-list, to make this feature active or inactive.

See you in Zwift - Stay safe :smiley: