Childs Account deleted

Same problem and still no answer from Zwift since 2 weeks😠

Guys, i wonder if anyone can help me.

Zwift deleted my son’s free account without any warning 10 days ago. After several attempts to contact them and a long wait the have now set him up with a brand new Zwift account.

Problem is all of his history is deleted and his new account is no longer linked to his Zwift Power profile. He’s gutted and i think the way the went about it was dreadful!!

Does anyone know whether its possible to link his new Zwift account to his existing Zwift Power account?

Many thanks in advance.

I think all you can do is email both Zwift and ZP and ask if this can be done.

I’ve emailed both, but i dont hold out much hope. Their customer service seems to be dreadful.

I also note that Zwift Power’s forum seems to have been suspended, which doesnt help.

You can link a new Zwift Account to the existing ZwiftPower profile.

My son’s account was deleted. I have read in the forum that new consent forms were sent out to guardians. However, I have not received it (I actually do not receive any e-mail from Zwift not sure why?!). I have filled in the form and contacted the support (both my wife and myself) 4 times but no reply was receive in almost one month. I understand there is a backlog but this is all quite frustrating!

Sorry but I would suspect the lack of any emails is the problem to be solved first.

If you’re using the companion app, under settings, click Change Password and note the email address shown. Does it match the address you expect. If so, check the spam folder of that account.

Hi Mark, email address is correct and no emails ended up in the spam folder. So really no idea what’s going on.