Childs Account deleted

My child’s account has been deleted for no reason, we have had no emails it just suddenly disappeared last week. He is only 13 and has worked really hard to earn points and get to level 15 and is devastated this has been taken from him. I have emailed Zwift several times but getting no response even though their 72hr deadline has passed. We completed the consent & COPPA forms last April so it can’t be that. Is anyone else having similar problems, its seems suspect there is a contact form for deleted child accounts on the front page of the Contact Us. He is in lockdown so can’t go out and his school is closed and Zwift was the only thing keeping him sane.

I am guessing you alse read this:


yes thanks we did all that when we joined but I am guessing we have been caught up in the deletion of other accounts that have complied. We have had no emails asking for new forms either.



Just discovered this. My daughter has been very distraught not being able to get into her account since last week. She was very consistent on it as it was the only activity keeping her sane during lockdown. Has anybody had any luck getting it reinstated? I wish there was a warning of something in the app. I don’t remember getting any emails about any info, we filled in all the COPPA stuff already.


Please help


I experience the same issue. As I started looking, I found one e-mail with a warning that was sent to me the 14th of December. The mail stated that the account would be deleted in 45 days if I did not renew the consent form. I obviously had wished I saw this mail then, but I do get my fair share of notifications from zwift, and had missed this. I have contacted support, renewed the consent form, but have heard nothing back. Like you and others here, we face a bit of crisis here as Zwift has been a highlight in these times, and I really wished they could have given a few more warnings and/or simply locked (not delete) the acount which is more common in other platforms.


This happened to my son as well last week. Back in mid-December I got an email asking to renew permission for him to have the account and I filled out the form and got a confirmation email saying it was all set. I emailed last Friday and got an auto-reply saying we’d hear back in 72 hours. I haven’t received anything yet.

I know they’re busy but it seems like a small thing to take care of…


Richard seems there are many others even just amongst my friends there are many that have lost child accounts too. I have searched my emails and can find nothing from Zwift like most of the others, we still haven’t heard back either.

Dominic we definitely didn’t get an email like many others but also have still not heard back. The support on this is very poor.


One email to my son on 4th September, nothing to my account. My son doesn’t check his emails, he’s a child. This has been horrendously implemented by Zwift.


They deleted the child accounts but I think they will lose many adult accounts over this

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It’s a farce really isn’t it… If this place was free then i’d understand, but we’re paying customers and being treated so poorly just isn’t on.

My boy hasn’t raced for a few weeks due to hurting his toe jumping, but it was working then… we’ll see next time he jumps on.

Same happened to my sons account. His lost all his data and achievements on Zwift.

I filled in the new COPPA consent form in December. Then had confirmation from Zwift that it had been received and his account had been extended for another year. Then this week we couldn’t get into the account.

I contacted Zwift support who then sent back a templated standard response saying I hadn’t completed the new consent form. I told them in the email to them I had and have the confirmation from them. They have ignored my follow up email and not provided an explanation.

They have obviously competed messed this up and deleted either all kids accounts or at least some which have completed the new form.

Come on Zwift you need to come clean, try and sort this out and offer an apology to all those kids that have lost their accounts and record of their achievements on Zwift.

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Same hear! My son and daughter’s account have been deleted. They are devastated. This couldn’t have happened at a worst time with them locked down.

Please zwift get back to me regarding this and get it sorted.

Nor have I (heard back). From what I interpret here, some has gotten their accounts set back to the same level as they were, but with all earnings lost. Thing is I haven’t heard back at all from Zwift. I let my boys use my account for training, but they have a very popular national youth league going on now in Norway and they miss those races when they don’t have an account :sleepy:

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Same for us, I’ve just re-emailed the Support and COPPA emails as it’s been more than 72 hours since I first emailed.
We hadn’t filled the form out, I didn’t know about it until we lost access, and then found an email from September in my son’s email (we don’t check it as it only exists for the Zwift account!). The husband has been in the dog house for missing an email to his account, which is what I was assuming had happened.
Hoping for a response soon, and really hoping to get the account back. He’s gutted to lose all his achievements, but he’s also lost access to Zwift and at the moment it is so important to him, he rides every week.

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Same here. Account deleted, it appears after 12 months. No email to my address as parent, but child got an email in August, asking to update parental consent.

  1. How is it compliant to ask the child to update parental consent, and not inform the parent?
  2. How many 11 and 13 year olds read emails?

Hugely disappointed with Zwift here, daughter gutted that she will lose progress.


Not affected by this but it seems spectacularly ironic that the whole thing is about safeguarding kids and in order to try and ensure this they only emailed… the kids. Unreal.


Here’s an article on this (referencing this thread and others) from It also includes a statement from Zwift, including a link to a form to get help on wrongly deleted accounts.

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For what it’s worth I was contacted and they offered to level up my son’s new account and give him some “drops” so he can purchase the bike he had before. He still has to re-follow everyone and get all that setup but it’s better than having to re-earn all the same stuff.

What a mess, I too did not get the email as the guardian, and it was instead sent to my 6 year’s old email address (which he doesn’t check, but was also marked as a promotion email there). We only realized when we couldn’t login and resetting his password didn’t send any email to him.

Besides sending it to the guardian’s email obviously, if it was critical enough that the account would be deleted after some months, I would think a message should be shown when logging in in-game to get the attention of folks.

I haven’t heard anything back after filing in the new COPPA form a few days ago, and just filled out the deleted account form. We’ll see what happens.


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