Child’s consent form

Hi, set up a child’s account approximately 3 months ago. Now received an email asking to update consent form. Other parents I know who set up children’s accounts at a similar time have not received the email. Could this be a scam? The email looks genuine

It’s not a scam, it’s was a legit email. I also received it and the link within it goes to a valid Zwift site.

I too received one the other day for my daughter who I setup 3 or so months ago as well. What I noticed is to even submit it, there is a $1.00 donation to “confirm/prove” we’re an adult as it asks for a credit card.

NOW I just went back to check and that credit card portion is no longer there…I did send them an email this morning questioning the legitimacy of the email/link (even though the header/from email is from the Zwift domain). Wonder what changed…

***Edit…Once you choose the country the credit card field appears. Wonder why it just can’t pull the info from the billing section of my account since I’m already logged in.