Child Accounts - More Than a Week and No Response from Zwift!

More than a week ago, I compiled the Child Account request form for my two daughters (ages 12 and 9) for free Zwift accounts. These were filled out completely and successfully submitted, with e-mail confirmation. I even paid the $1 donation that was required two times. Fast forward to today and I STILL have not heard anything back from Zwift, despite a couple of attempts to contact them through message/chat. I get that it might take a couple of days but is it really necessary to wait more than a week to have two accounts set up? There are already several things that have been bugging me lately about Zwift… are they purposely attempting to have paying clients leave the platform??!

Hmmm… They do have their hands full, and although we all want support to respond to our case immediately, this is sometimes unrealistic.

I would suggest you at least allow them some more time to respond…

They (usually) do.

I got a response today, after 10 days, about the new COPPA contact form.