Child Account - couple of questions

Hi all,

Posting this from my Son’s new account with a couple of questions:

  1. In the privacy settings on the companion app, I can’t change the “approve follow requests” or “private messaging” options as they are both greyed out. I would like to enable both settings, but both are disabled today. Any idea how to do it? I read elsewhere that they are disabled for U16 accounts, but it seems odd that they are disabled in their insecure setting…
  2. How long does it normally take to enable a U16 account? It’s been nearly a week now, and he’s having to miss out with rides with his friends because it’s not been turned on yet :-/


  1. Child accounts created use COPPA process default to the most restrictive privacy settings available in the game.

  2. It should take at most a day. Zwift has trained additional staff for the increase in Child Accounts request.

Thanks for the response Paul.

Regarding the U16 account, it’s definitely been almost a week now. Is there any way I can get this looked into?

Also, the privacy settings do not appear to be set to maximum for his account - he’s already had one person that I do not know follow him without authorisation and I’ve had to manually remove them from the followers list. I wouldn’t mind so much, but the options seem locked at the wrong setting so I can’t fix it :frowning:


I would try logging on to Zwift with the Child Account and see if the trail is over. You might have received a reply and it could be in your spam/junk folder.

You can also contact Zwift Support for a status on it:

Have logged into his account and it still reports: “Free trial mode has expired”. I’ve checked spam and nothing there.

I’ll contact support to see what they say. Thanks.

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I just asked a friend of mine who’s just had his daughter’s account approved:

I filled the form in last weekend, came through on Friday
so a little under a week

So by his experience, your son’s should be approved any time now.


Thanks Daren. I guess it is taking a few more days than normal due to the free U16 account offer. Fingers crossed it’ll come through soon.

Just a quick follow-up for anyone reading this - a new update came out last night:

Hi there!

Due to the overwhelming demand of requests for free child accounts, our usual follow up time of about 2 business days has been prolonged to about 7 days. Our staff is hard at work to get all of our junior riders set up on Zwift and busy riding, and we wanted to send over a quick update to let you know we’re working on your request!

In the meantime, please be sure to

  • refrain from sending follow up messages, as your email will be considered “new” and will move to the end of our current queue.
  • verify your previous submission(s) did not include any errors, including
  1. Misspelled First and/or Last names
  2. Discrepancy between date of birth and age

If you feel there may have been an error in your submission, please resubmit the consent form here ​, as it will prevent any further follow up and speed up the request process.

Please keep in mind this is an UPDATE message going out to any pending requests. There’s no need to follow up or respond to this message, as our team will get to your request as soon as they can!

Ride On!


I have got this message a week ago…and so far…nothing

7 business days = more than one week - and I think they are all really busy now, please be patient.

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Has you account been approved yet? I’m still waiting on my sons approval and not even sure if anything is being done at this point. Did you open a normal 7 day free account before the child account? How? as it seems to want you to verify that you are over 16 which my son isn’t.

My boys were just approved yesterday - I think I requested a little over a week ago. It’s still happening, just slow. Hard to argue when we’re part of the problem (surge in requests)

I’m glad I found this forum, as it answers my question of the time taken to approve junior accounts.
However, I’m wondering if I read the consent form correctly, or if I am mistaken in reading this part.
In the consent form, it was requested that the child email address be different to the guardian email address, but now it seems that they were supposed to be the same? Now I wonder whether I entered the details correctly the first time. Hopefully it will be a quick fix once my requests get to the front of the queue.

Child email address needed to be different to my zwift email address. Boys got on after 4 days. Just got to figure out how to stop other people from following them without permission. Back to the forums for me now.

It would’ve made a lot more sense to me, if I got “the new update” message you mentioned above as opposed to “Thanks for reaching out to us! We’ve received your email and look forward to speaking with you! We will get back to you as quickly as we can.” … it mentions nothing about a child account being requested and just looks like I asked them some sort of question.

It’s been 4 days so far, seems like an eternity to me … as others have said: kid is losing interest :frowning: