Cheating in races

Zwift promised the ghosting of people in wrong categories this update. But it didn’t make it apparently. (Source zwiftcast, CEO of zwift interview). Hopefully next update.

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I think the update is a force majeure situation for those who are upset over a delay in what they expected to be released at this time. At some point in the future it would be nice to have the colour red returned to the colour slider though. Along with the racing stuff too of course.

Over on the ZwiftPower forums the moderator Sticky posted this:

“They have introduced the ghosting feature in the latest update but plan on testing it in-game before rolling it out.”

Yes, but it does allow me to call out the sandbaggers by name (at least those on ZwiftPower) in the starting pen, which I find entertaining :slight_smile:


Hola gente, a mi me pasa algo muy extraño no tengo rodillo inteligente, solo sensores de cadencia, velocidad y ritmo cardíaco, pongo mis datos reales. Ahora cuando quiero correr estoy limitado al no poder pasar los 400w, cuando alguien hace un sprint no lo puedo seguir, si quiero hacer una escapada también estoy limitado…

Getting absolutely fed up of racing I’m doing category d races and the people at the top in the top 10 should be in a b or a c race. why can’t they if they go over 2.5 get moved into the next category so they’re race results do not count. How on earth can I even try to win a race if the people that should be in a b and c races are jumping down to a d and making a mockery of a race that we should be enjoying . I’ve checked somebody’s results today. And they seem to be winning their races by at least 2 minutes. I’m doing this on a regular basis must make them feel amazing to beat slow people. I’m trying my best to get better there must be some way to stop this from happening. Come on zwift sort this out…