Cheaters in Todays MAAP Stage 4 Race 6am PDT

In this morning’s MAAP Stage 4 RACE at 6am PDT, the first 15, YES, FIFTEEN! finishers in the C race were ALL A & B riders and ALL were over 3.2w/kg for the entire event. The first 4 finishers in the D race were A & B riders too; the winner was an A rider and he put down over 4.0 for the entire event! Can someone please explain what is the point of riding so far below your level? And can someone please explain how none of these fools were WKG’d?

And the finish was the final indignity: Really? Putting the finish line 200 meters past the banner? I won the sprint for 65th with 6 of my closest friends, then I lost it. I was not happy. And then discovered the four D riders ahead of me in GC…ARGH…


Results in ZwiftPower are the real results.

And that’s where I’m getting my data: The ZwiftPower results of the race. Check it out:
Scroll down to the C and D races. The B race was entirely within the group limitations. It was all in the C&D event.

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Got ya. If you post this on ZwiftPower forum Sticky will correct it or at least look into it.

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Fixed on ZP.


There is loads of cheaters on zwift…i notice that on races these guys entering c races an u look at there past cycles an there doing 26 miles around one hour …an you get guys who put there weight lower…i dont see why they cheat what do they get out of it

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