Cheapest computer that works Zwift works on?

Need a new computer. Anyone with Zwift working on a cheap(ish) laptop, please let me know the model.


Lowest spec Alienware Alpha is a great machine for the price. 

Cheers for quick response Eric Min

Do you intend to project Zwift on to a TV?  I’m considering a new laptop as well and I want to make sure it can support wireless display / Miracast so I have on less cable laying around.

Just switched to the Alien and I’m having problems with it interfering with Ant+ signals. Even moved it as far away from my bike as possible. Looking for a fix here

Don’t forget an old PC works fine.I shoved the doo dad into the USB port and hdmi wired the pc to the tv as a screen, and its like being on a real outdoor ride.

Mine is loaded on a Pentium D with 4 Gig of Ram and a 512meg ram video card and it works Ok

Nigel, had a similar problem. Just moving the ANT dongle away from the PC by means of a USB extension cable (2m) did the trick for me.


No problems ever since…

Try bluetooth if that is an option as well as turning off your Garmin if you use one.