Cheapest computer that works Zwift works on?

(Martin Theis) #1

Need a new computer. Anyone with Zwift working on a cheap(ish) laptop, please let me know the model.


(Eric Min) #2

Lowest spec Alienware Alpha is a great machine for the price. 

(Martin Theis) #3

Cheers for quick response Eric Min

(Todd Taylor) #4

Do you intend to project Zwift on to a TV?  I’m considering a new laptop as well and I want to make sure it can support wireless display / Miracast so I have on less cable laying around.

(Nigel Brown (6fifteencycle)) #5

Just switched to the Alien and I’m having problems with it interfering with Ant+ signals. Even moved it as far away from my bike as possible. Looking for a fix here

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #6

Don’t forget an old PC works fine.I shoved the doo dad into the USB port and hdmi wired the pc to the tv as a screen, and its like being on a real outdoor ride.

(Paul Brisebois WBR) #7

Mine is loaded on a Pentium D with 4 Gig of Ram and a 512meg ram video card and it works Ok

(Kai Glaesner (Team ROFL)) #8

Nigel, had a similar problem. Just moving the ANT dongle away from the PC by means of a USB extension cable (2m) did the trick for me.


No problems ever since…

(surly singlespeed) #9

Try bluetooth if that is an option as well as turning off your Garmin if you use one.