Chat OFF option

(Sherman Heydrich) #1

Some love the new easy access chat feature from the app…for me its just too much…popping up on my screen and my mobile device running the app.  Pius to be honest if I wanted to listen to more Whiny cyclists I just go to my local group ride!  Please give us the option to block the chat box pop ups!

(Scott) #2

Thanks for the feedback. We hear you. There will be a settings option to control group and private message notifications soon. 

(Jari Bartsch) #3

+1 just adding another vote for this feature. With the current placement of the Messaging popup overlaying the Boost Button in the mobile app, it’s tricky and sometimes impossible to utilize boosts when there is a chatty group ride or race in-progress. Thx!

(Philip Amos) #4

Agreed.  Chat in the app makes using the app annoying.

(Marco Laufenberg) #5


Just did an one hour ride and there about 700 riders online, there was *always* a message popping up, so the app was simply not usable!

And -to be honest- it’s quite annoying to read the same questions and messages on screen all over again and again.

Is there a possibilty to turn this off?

(Brian Gorby) #6

With the current version of the app (1.4) you can disable group and/or direct chat messages. Simply go to Menu -> Settings -> Notifications.

(Marco Laufenberg) #7

Thanks Scott! Found that in my app (while riding), but nothing changed. Probably this will take effect after a new log-in? Will see tomorrow! Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: