Chasing Cancellara tonight

What happened in chasing Cancellara tonight?

Supposedly, he lost WiFi somewhere around the 22k mark. At least, that’s what people who were watching him on Instagram Live reported in-game. He never came back, as far as I know. Somewhat disappointing, but then again, he was pretty close to catching me before he dropped out, so I wound riding the rest of the event harder than I would have otherwise. Wondering if they’ll reschedule the event for another attempt.

I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the folks riding together while being chased. I agree overall it was pretty disappointing as an event but made for a great workout.

I think this type of event could be really fun if there was a better indication of where the person doing the chasing was along the course. Also wish Fabian would have chatted a few times just to say he started.

And I have to comment on the part of the race in the Jungle. This used to be one of my favorite places to ride in Zwift until they tried to make it more ‘realistic’. The BMC bike we were all forced to ride during the event was just horrible in the Jungle.

My Zwift crashed 1.5 km before the finish line. Seems to have been a bad evening for Swiss riders :slightly_frowning_face:

If you enjoy being chased or chasing you should all try the hard and hound races. (Group handicap).


Yeah, also missed the interaction from the “ride leader”… it would be funny to have him typing around while we’re all dying trying to push every little watt out… the whole experience was a bit frustrating I have to say (no interaction, no update on what was happening, etc).

somewhat disappointing?
it was a complete waste of time/effort for 3000+ people.
why on earth is he using wi-fi? get a wired connection for streaming/competing.

Zwift really needs to get their act together with these events.
I for one am definitely not going to bother signing up for a guest ride again.

There is always 0 chat in-game from the guest (like this should be absolute minimum requirement, otherwise they may as well not even be there - get someone to type for you if you have to but you MUST interact with the fans riding with you IN-GAME or it’s completely pointless for everyone).

and on a similar note, **** signing in to instagram just to be able to watch a stream, do it somewhere that doesn’t require an account, twitch/youtube etc.


With the event running every hour where do you go to see your standings against everyone that finished not just your group you road with?