changing rides

will there ever be any way of changing a ride and picking another one without having the game totally shut down , its a bit of a pain having to restart 

I would also like to be able to end my ride without having to shut down the entire app.

Yes please. A lot of folks do a warm up prior to a race…and want that saved before, having to save and quit, then go back in is such a pain, my only gripe of Zwift I have to say!

Martin: If you sign up for a race you can do a wamup as long as you like, once it is time for the race Zwift will tell you it is time and will teleport you to the holding pens of the race. Your warm-up will be saved and uploaded to Strava as a separate ride.

I’ve seen this answered elsewhere on here and it planned. A rather annoying feature at the moment.

There are times when I would like to do a recovery ride after a hard effort.  Currently I need to close down the entire app and then log on again which is annoying.  Any chance this can be changed?