Changing ERG target wattage on the fly

(Ramon Ballester) #1

Hi guys,

I often use workout mode for continous sweet spot training (up to two hours) and sometimes, when I’m fatigued,  I’m unable to stick to the target wattage. 

In these cases, it would be nice to change the target wattage on the fly, even add or remove interval blocks to the current workout




(Ken Nakata (SEA)) #2

+1. I often go into workouts with different levels of fatigue and it’s frustrating having to abort a workout, readjust targets, and restart from scratch. Maybe the simplest way would be to just let the FTP setting be easily changed with an up/down control. This is how PerfPro does it and it works great. Maybe something like the left-right cursor control on the keyboard?

(Ken Nakata (SEA)) #3

I just noticed that this same topic was raised over a year ago on this forum. Be sure to vote on that topic as well!