Changing Challenges doesn't work

(Andrew Williams) #1

I completed California and wanted to switch to Mt. Everest.  Everything seemed to work fine, but each time I restart the game I’m back to the California challenge (100% completed.)


Anyone else figure out how to change challenges?



(Keiko Flores) #2


(Lindsay Ruppert) #3

This issue was fixed in our last update. If you are experiencing this problem still, please submit a support ticket:

(Rob W DivineNorCal) #4

I’m not sure that I’ve ever even seen these options? IS it too late if I’ve already been riding for a few months?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #5

Hey Rob - 

You can access your challenges from the pause menu (it’s the big square on the right that looks like a map), and once you open the challenge, there is a link under the progress screen that will allow you to switch. 

Ride on!

(G andalf - [WxK]) #6

When switching challenges, do you lose progress?

(Scott) #7

Gandalf - no worries - you can switch between challenges as much as you like without losing your hard earned progress. 

(G andalf - [WxK]) #8

Cool, thank you.