Changes to sprint rules when in groups

(Pete Fleming NSCC (WBR)) #1

Normally the sprint is simply a 200 (etc) metre time trial that’s timed and ranked according to who’s the fastest over that distance. That’s fine and works well when riding alone.

When riding in an organised group this rewards those who sit on the back and just use the bunch to draft and power through. Because we don’t steer, there’s no skill or tactics in that, you just plow through the bunch, and is nothing like the real world.

I’d like to see this changed (when riding in a group only) so that the first person across the line wins that sprint and then the remainder of the group are ranked according to place. In other words just like a real life race. I think the latency etc of the game should be able to handle that. It would enable tactics to be used, again just like in the real world, and enable people to sprint to their own style ie maybe someone is best suited to go off the front from a long way out, others have a very short but reasonably punchy sprint.

While the current system suits me personally, I think modifying it to enable more tactics and skill to be used would make the game more interesting.