Changes to smart trainer settings after disconnect

I have a Wahoo Kicker smart trainer and on Zwift I have the Trainer Difficulty set to about 80%. This gives a good resistance during climbs similar to what I experience on the road. My goal is to come as close to a road ride as possible.

I was riding the Fondo Asia and I lost my connection to Zwift (not sure why). After restarting Zwift on my iPhone mobile link I was able to continue the ride. However, my trainer now had uniform resistance - the same going on flat, uphill or downhill. Basically, the same effect at the group rides that are set up by Kevin Poulton.

This seems to happen every time there is a disconnect during a ride. 

Is there a solution or a change so that I can continue a ride with my original resistance settings rather than having uniform resistance no matter what the terrain?


I think the root issue here is that your trainer shouldn’t be disconnecting in the first place. It sounds like you’re using the Mobile Link app for Bluetooth, so there’s a couple different scenarios:

  1. Your Mobile Link connection with Zwift is breaking. In this case, you’d see the Mobile Link app go back to the Home screen, and you’d want to follow these troubleshooting steps.

  2. Your KICKR connection with the Mobile Link is breaking. This is more likely to be due to signal issues or hardware problems.

See which one matches your symptoms, and let us know if you’re still stuck after that.