Change Weight/Aero Star Rating System to RPG Style Bar Graph

With the advent of the Garage and the new Drops Store, I think the old star-based rating system is no longer adequate in helping to select which equipment to purchase. Case in point, most riders currently base decisions around tests done by ZwiftInsider to determine which bike/wheel combinations are the fastest for a given scenario/terrain.

The Tron bike is a perfect example - It is the fastest bike in the game over a loop style course, but only has 3 stars for Aero and Weight. Other, slower bikes also have the same number of stars for 1 or both categories. Additionally, ZwiftInsider has determined that equipping a given bike with a different wheelset has a synergistic effect on that bike’s overall speed - “That is, the overall lap time saved by upgrading your bike and your wheels is more than what you would get if you added the savings of just upgrading the bike to the savings of just upgrading the wheels.”

I believe the system above would be best served with a bar graph, classic RPG style! In many RPG games, equipping a given helmet may buff one character’s defense by +10, for example, while for another it will simply lower their speed by -2. Allowing users to equip wheels (and eventually other components?) on all available bikes to see what they do would be much better than asking users to wait for an organization or individual to test all the various combinations and report back.


I have always found that the star system is not enough info. Simple, yes. Too simple, oh yes. For example here are several bikes that are 4/1 stars. Their actual performance is not identical even with the same star rating. Maybe I would favor a percent or points system. Something like 9.65 of 10 aero and 6.54 of 10 weight.

In the end we need enough significant digits to make a real informed decision on equipment.

For now I will continue to scour zwiftinsider and other related YouTube reviews on speed tests but prefer that the info needed come directly from Zwift within the program and with enough accuracy to make a good decision on my own.


Agreed, Vincent. The bar graph is certainly just 1 example. At the heart of the matter, the star system is just not enough information and we need something much more specific :slight_smile:

The new Ribble bike and the Tron bike are both rated 3 stars each for weight and aero. The tron bike will blow it away though. The star system is essentially useless.