Change of Zwift username

Zwift changed my username which was/is King Cnut. This was an English monarch of the eleventh century and one of the greatest monarchs England has ever had. Why was it changed? 

I’d say that most people wouldn’t know that King Cnut was a real person and would presume that the name was a cheeky play-on-words.

Yes, I see what you mean. I suppose I may have to change it if it upsets some people. 

Maybe change it to Canute - an alternative name for this King, but one not so easily mis-interpreted? 

Why not use your real name? (as much as I like dead European nobles)

why do people not use their real name on Zwift?

because not everyone likes to give their personal information away online…

Maybe you are a stealth Pro getting in those last miles before the Worlds.

Or you just don’t want your boss seeing that you are on Zwift during your meeting.

Or… any number of good reasons  ;-)

Hehe… yeah, perhaps. 

I just hate the anonymity of of the web. I think it encourages antisocial behavior. If everyone identified themselves, i think the internet would be a kinder place.