Change mode @ TacX Booster?

(. Pasha Jarygin) #1


Sorry for my bad english. :slight_smile:

I’m new Zwifter and the power range on mode 2 at my TacX Booster (+ Garmin Stick) is not enougth for me. I can make ~380/390 watt on 53/11 90 rpm and can’t attack on hills. So, can I change mode to 3 in Zwift?

And, abot Watts. I compare my virtual generated power between Zwift and TrainerRoad at 90 rpm cadence. It seems to me that Zwift show higher watts than TrainerRoad. 


TR            ZW        

86w          110
96w          124
116w        140 
130w        168
140w        180
151w        200 


TR            ZW        
130w        170
147w        193
167w        220 
190w        257