Change Gender for my little girl

Hello -

I just set up an account for my little girl that is 9. The gender is marked as “Male”. How do I change this?


Coach OB

You need to email customer support.

Hello -
Thanks! I can’t. Something about a “Zwift Power Planned Outage”. And, when I sent an email to support@zwift, it said they are no longer answering questions.

Hi @C_oach_OB, if you go to and click on “CONTACT US” in the top right corner, you can send them a message. The Zwiftpower outage takes place on Nov. 4th and doesn’t pertain to this question. Child account is one of the options you can choose and then type a message.

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Good to hear from you!
Okay, I FINALLY got through the “Planned Power Outage” window. I submitted a ticket through online chat.

You okay?
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who is Matt?

Sorry! Matti!

It’s OB!!!