Change credit card payment - can't find user profile button

(Donald Culp) #1

I’m logged in. A support link (which refuses to paste here) says that I need to click on my user profile. However, I can’t find the button or link for the user profile.

Don C.

(Paul Allen) #2

Is this what you are looking for:

(Donald Culp) #3

Yes, that seems to be what I need.

Someone had fraudulently used my previous credit card and I missed a Zwift payment because I wasn’t issued a new card in time. Zwift’s payment page says, “Please review the information below and click JOIN to start your membership.” I’m already a member. If I “click JOIN to start your membership” I’m concerned that I’ll start a new membership and lose my accumulated benefits (level 8, 25k feet of climbing).

(Paul Allen) #4

You may want to submit a ticket:

(Donald Culp) #5

I chatted with support. That person assured me that I would not lose my benefits.