Change ad

Your ad attracts people with the promise of 14 free days to trial.  The reality is, the free trial is only for 40k ride.  Even for a runner like me, that’s only 1.5 rides.  Please change your ad, or truly offer 14 free days of riding.

Hi Yvonne,


Have you actually hit the limit yet?     I’m also a new user and thought the same thing.   I really enjoy the product so I decided to sign up for a month when I was about about the 45km mark.    So, I put my CC info in and signed up.   However, when I now go to the payment tab of my account is shows that my first payment will be made on the 12th of October, which does in fact sync with the 14 days free trial period. 

So, at least for me, their trial period information is correct.  

Hi Tacx Neo.n.d.Matrix,

I hit the limit during my 2nd ride.  Honestly didn’t even look at my CC info.  Good point.  Thanks a bunch for the feedback.