Challenge rewards

Hi everyone,

Is it just me or should there be bigger rewards for finishing these events other than a “digital skin” that is of no use in game. There really is NO incentive to complete these things. Skins cost nothing and give nothing worthwhile sure it’s great but something tangible would be far better and much more attractive.

Maybe reward people that complete an event in a certain time (achievable goals) get drops to spend in the drop shop or have access to buy items above their current level (wheels etc…). I also think that offering more user customisation would help keep people coming back.

I’m currently at level 30 and trying to stay interested in using Zwift but the incentives seem to become pointless and levelling up is getter further and further apart. In the early weeks and lower levels I would ride more often just to gain “prizes or XP” but it’s quickly diminishing the harder it gets.

Unsubscribing is actually becoming a serious consideration if it wasn’t for the AHDR group I’d definitely stop for a month and switch to a competitors program.

I understand there are riders that use Zwift for training, racing, socialising and weight loss but the gamification needs to be improved to keep people coming back.


Agree 100% with more meaningful rewards. Perhaps something like a draw for free month of subscription or membership? Almost every Zwifter will find that useful!