Challenge Mode (Bronze, Silver, Gold with Rewards)

It would be cool to see a Challenge Mode which focuses on different disciplines. For example:

Race to the Top of the Mountain (Time Trial):
Bronze - 9:00 (100xp)
Silver - 8:30 (150xp)
Gold - 8:00 (300xp + New Kit)


Hold the Watts (Power Mode):
Bronze - Hold 200 watts for 1 minute (100xp)
Silver - Hold 300 watts for 1 minute (150xp)
Gold - Hold 400 watts for 1 minute (300xp + New Kit)

The challenges could get harder the more you complete. There could be a quick restart so that you can keep trying. It could also be used as a way to introduce new Zwifters to all the various features and stats Zwift shows.