Ceramicspeed in-game notifications?

Are there in-game notifications when you complete parts of the Ceramicspeed mission? I have 1 km to go on a TT bike, and I assume with rounding that’s somewhere between 0.5 km and 1.5 km. Will I get some sign that the TT portion is done, and I can switch frames?

only once you finish the whole thing.

so you won’t know when you complete a particular section just once you’ve done all three

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No notification, but swapping bikes should work.

I did it a few days ago, after checking how much left I had on two of the bikes. Did 5km on the road bike, then 9km on the TT bike.

However, due to the mountain bike bug with the CeramicSpeed jungle event, I quit the game and restarted before changing to the mountain bike…