Central Park perimeter loop

I chose the Park Perimeter Loop today. where you also have the 30-day PR ranking. However, you start after the start / finish banner so no timer the first loop. That is not the case with other worlds. Is that a bug or just the way it works in NY World?

I have noticed this but I think this is probably the way it is intended to work Niels. There is a significant climb to the start/finish arch in the NYC world which wouldn’t allow for a warm-up prior to pushing an incline. The Watopia world does have the arch at the start of the loop but the arch is on a flat allowing for any pre-climb warm ups.

Not sure if this is correct but it would make sense as there have been a couple of posts regarding climbs at the start of sessions not allowing for warm ups.

It makes sense indeed Paul. It isnt a big problem obviously. Was just wondering.