CE and multi-race series?

Just wondering how the new Cat Enforcement system will handle multi-race series?

As an example, the SZR Midweek (Wednesday) series is switching to the CE format for the summer before reverting to split cats in the autumn. However, the registration for this series is done on a week-by-week basis. So if you’re upgraded one week, you’re registration the following week will probably (hopefully) reflect this.

But what about something like the upcoming Sisu Racing Tour series in June/July. It’s possible to pre-register on Zwift for all five races. What happens if you pre-register for all 5 races as one cat but find yourself upgraded after the first race (a distinct possibility for some since it’s an ITT). Will you continue to race under your original CE cat and have the result filtered post-race or will Zwift somehow re-assign you to the correct pen and place you in the higher cat pre-race?

Your category is done at point of sign up, rather than at event start.

Thanks James.

OK, so what happens if “you” sign up for a 5 race series in advance as a C (under CE) but upgrade to a B after the first event?

From your response, I’m assuming you would continue to race as a C in the other four races but have your results adjusted post-race? :confused:

Depends on the organiser really.

But yes, it’s a flaw.

Thanks for your honesty James.

BTW, I was asking this in all innocence. I honestly didn’t realise this was a flaw.

It also depends on how something is set up.

If it’s weekly recurring events, it’s a non-issue but if the organiser set up the entire series (like I did for S/HEries then it’s a potential issue.