Category Standardization

Can we please get some sort of standard list of “rules” that Event leaders should follow? I’m not sure if they don’t know any better or what, but it’s a bit ridiculous to have to hold 3.5 w/kg avg (which can be verified on Zwift power) to hang on a C group ride. I get that there are sandbaggers in the races, and I see Zwift is actually looking into that issue, but at least if I enter a race, I expect to have to go my FTP (and plan my workout accordingly to be my hardest of the week and warm up prior). I shouldn’t have to go ABOVE the FTP of the category to hang on a group ride. If the group leaders don’t already know, they should also know that if they are heavy, they need to be holding closer to the lower end average of the wattage range so that the rest of the riders don’t have to stay above the range. The range should be all inclusive from the heaviest riders at the low end of the range to the lighter riders at the top end of the range. I’ve been zwifting for 3 years now and the problem hasn’t gotten any better over time. This year with everything going on I don’t have the option of quitting Zwift and doing group rides outside for the summer, these are the only group rides I can do right now!! They shouldn’t be frustrating and no fun!

Any pattern to the organisers that are doing this? I haven’t noticed this except in a masters group. I was annoyed and avoided their rides from then on. Was your 3.5 w/kg dangling off the back out of draft or sitting on the group? Once I get dropped by more than a few seconds it’s game over and I normally find another ride to do.