Category Question

Good morning,

I started riding Zwift on my IC4 to get miles in while my bike was in the shop. I got my road bike back yesterday and did a race last night. It was a blast. I got destroyed.

My questions involves category enforcement. Given that the power numbers from the IC4 are overinflated, I am currently a cat C but I’m not ready to compete at that level. Is there anything I can do? Or just ride the wave of defeat and tighten my diet to get stronger and lighter (currently 243 lbs) until the numbers change in the system?

Thanks for your time.

Hello @Denis_Ponder, welcome to the forums!

Someone at Zwift support might be able to reset your category, I’m not sure if they can, otherwise you will have to ride it out until the 60 day window runs past the last time you used the IC4 (for category enforced races).

Out of curiosity, what trainer are you using with the road bike?

Thank you for the reply.

Wahoo Kickr Core