Category label usage for D and E Rides

Looking at upcoming ride options. I feel I should know the answer but what is your understanding of how category labels are used. Especially D vs E ?

option 1: Listed as “E” but specifically 2-2.5 w/kg.
option 2: Listed as “D” but with 1-2.5 w/kg range
option 3: Listed as “E” but descr says pace will be sub 2wkg

When is “E” used by an organizer instead of “D” when ride is fully under 2.5 wkg anyway?

E varies and ‘most’ of the time means there’s no set banner wattage. Think of it as a miscellaneous catagory not a wkg specific cat. It’s used a lot for big fondo rides and banded workouts. Sometimes there’s guidance, like ride at your own Z2 pace but nothings enforced in those (like the Festive500 at present).

That’s what I kinda thought it was, but it’s roughly 50/50 on the E rides, with about half of the rides listing a specific wattage (or lower avg speed – eg. 15mph) that would be otherwise a “D” ride instead.

So wondering why some rides opt for E label instead of D, thinking maybe it implied that no harm/no foul if you leave the ride leader on an E ride, while it’s frowned upon in a D ride? Or if it’s an E ride, despite listing a wkg range in the description, a participant has to expect that ride may differ, and/or shouldn’t complain about leaders or other riders going off on their own pace?

Also confused on which ride types have real rankings in Zwiftpower, vs I’ve heard some are randomized on purpose because they’re social rides? Is this just a function of if the ride is a timed event, instead of a distance-based event? Any reason that Zwiftpower with all of its columns, doesn’t also show a distance (ridden) column?

Always read the ride description. ABCDE can be used for anything from w/kg to weight or age.