Category enforcement question

Probably wouldn’t have done until Zwift raised the CP Cat A limit from 4.0 wkg to 4.2wkg (so that it wasn’t so confusing for everyone !!)

As far as I can see having fantastic 5s, 15s, 30s and 1min power helps win lots of races but has no (or very little) bearing on CP curve.

5min and 20min power are good enough to allow him to remain in the bunch until the sprint but don’t exceed Cat A limits for VO2 max or MAP.


Amazing how his weight went up 2kg the day after he put out 5.1wkg for 5mins…

Now, I do remember a certain Zwift member of staff advising us they would ban users for weight doping only a few weeks back… Any ideas who that was?


a man of unshakeable and firm moral character. much like myself

I know we aren’t using the racingapp categories and ranking system … But it’s comical.
They are ranked as challenger 2 in there.

Even the known sandbaggers in B are platinum.