Category Enforcement Issue

But you have no issues racing against guys with a 3.3wkg avg whilst you average 4.5wkg?


I would like to see his bike (or is it a tank) :upside_down_face:

No idea what you mean I have always chosen to ride in CAT A race events since starting back indoors even though I could have chosen CAT B if you are referring to my question above I asked only CE floor avg for reference that was all. Having CAT A 4.0 - 6.0 is a bigger jump than a CAT C 2.5 - 3.2 racing against a CAT B 3.2- 4.0 which I’m sure plenty would argue is not fair.

CE weighs your 2-3min heavily so make sure you always have a near max effort around that area in your 60 day history, if it’s low relative to your FTP then your CP will be higher, i wont go into the science behind why having a huge anaerobic capacity lowers your CP but yes it does work like that. whether or not that will make you a CE B or not depends on how good you are at 2-3min efforts though

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S A that’s what I understand too ie short duration power has a material impact on CE. Giving a perverse result that if two riders have exactly the same power profile with the only difference being one of the riders has a higher short duration power that rider will have a lower CE and hence potentially be racing in a lower Cat!

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Thanks for saying that a short 2m power effort affects the cat enforcement :+1:my capacity and effort will never reach yours but appreciate the information

I’m still ever so confused by cat enforcement…yes I’ve read the stuff and maybe when we can see the actual calc it’ll make some sense.

I really don’t get how I’m cat enforced A when someone absolutely killing me on every power rating and completely dominating races/series is a Cat enforced B.

What am I missing?

Will both of those put myself to shame, I’m assuming it’s a weight issue? It’s the other graph user a lighter rider than you?

3kg difference (top chart mine, lighter rider)

I’ve no issue if I’m now classed as A…but I just don’t get how they are B :person_shrugging:

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Well those numbers are far higher than I put out and I got put into A until I increased my short 2m to 4m power as @S_A_Cestria_CC says about steepening your power curve, maybe that could be part of the issue?

So a higher 2-4min power, changes the critical power line (we can’t see)… And that can put you in a lower cat??


At a stretch, the performance(s) that the other person put in to hit those 90 day highs might be older than 60 days that CE looks at.

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It’s good, set power PB’s and you get a lower cat opened up to you.

I believe it’s perfectly set up according to some at HQ


It’s something that could have helped me, Tuesday WTRL put me into A cat due to possibly 3-5 min up titans Grove, I then did the socks4watts Hill climb and improved my 2-4 minutes pb and now I’m a B again


The FTP is conveniently identical.
Lots of short stuff is recent…

Oh my, it’s laughable.

FTP is irrelevant for ce I think

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Doesn’t need to be in an event does it?
Critical power taken from any ride.

Might do some scientific tests with a bot rider. See what triggers it being reduced.

Thanks all :+1:

Not racing, as its all based on your rides, increase your power curve for short power and you might find you drop down a cat

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the other side of this CE ball sack is that you can get moved up a category just for not testing your short max efforts regularly too (zwift assumes you got weaker and moves you up a category as a reward, which incidentally is how i discovered that 3min is calculated)

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Would one ride change my category somehow? In Zwift I am usually Cat D. ZP has had me as D “almost C” for over a month. Sometimes I can’t join D races for a few days, and I am not sure why.

I do weigh myself almost daily and usually update Zwift, but it doesn’t seem to be tied to my weight since I can not lose weight and suddenly I can enter D races again.

As of yesterday I could only do C or above races, then I did a light recovery ride for an hour at about 1.4 w/kg and after that ride I could enter D races again. Could stats of that ride influence my category?

I am competitive in D, but can’t keep up in C, so it’s really not fun. Basically just me riding by myself in the back.