Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]

If James has left the building, it is a huge blow to the user community. Probably the most knowledgeable person about the platform who wasn’t a Zwift employee and more than most of them besides. I am seriously put out… :worried:


I’ve said in the past (a few times) that we are looking to move towards a results based categorisation system in the future.


I’ve noticed there are a number of lightweight Category Enforcement “protected” riders in today’s opening TT stage of the SISU series that go way beyond Zwiftpower 20min B, it will be interesting to see where they place against “standard” CE B riders, when both rider types put in decent efforts on a ~13Km rather flat (44m elevation?) lap of Beach Island Loop using decent performance frames and wheels. suggests these protected riders are going to place high, first of several runs of this TT stage is in just over an hour at 1030 BST, let’s see what happens.

Why are you talking about Protected riders? No one is protected…there is a few that most likely didn’t have any all out efforts and that’s why CE has them at a lower category than they should be. They will get upgraded soon enough. This riders CP will most likely prevent him from doing CE Cat B races after this.

On the other hand check this rider…when he started on ZP he had 182cm in 2020 and now he’s 165cm.

Winner of B as one example, 54Kg and 5.2W/Kg average on essentially a flat TT. Not short either, 175cm.

Race results, not link to rider…

This talented rider would surely be CE A and ZP A without pure Watts protection?

I agree…this boundaries for example at Cat B of 250W produce this kind of riders…they are clearly capable of more Watts. If i would be the organizer i would DQ him with a SANDBAG Tag. But he might get a suprise as he averaged 283W for 18mins…this just might push him back to Cat A at CE.

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I looked at the results and presumed that the SISU series isn’t using CE?

If it is, and some of those are genuine B riders I’m putting my cards in for a move to C asap…

that guy will be CE A after that ride if he wasn’t already. speaking from experience

if that guy is the same height as me then i think my wheels must be 1400c instead of 700c


The SISU series is CE.

I’m hoping to find energy after work tomorrow for stage 2 and after surprisingly good 15-18min stats for me, I hope to be at the very top of CE B ( reckons 3.89 on 2-parameter),.

But regardless I will fare far worse in a normal race and at 38Km my lack of 30min+ threshold will shine in a negative way. :laughing:

Good to see this continue to roll out to community race series.

Not sure how this still happens though. Presumably never raced or put down a hard effort before?

No hard efforts Treshold or above for the last 60days…this will happen more often in September/October when the Northern Hemisphire riders will come back from riding outside.

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