Category Enforcement due to wrong reading

hi. im a long time Cat B (mid to lower bunch) but during ZRL my power was reading high numbers. a lot higher than usual. actually got DQd on that race. tried another race a couple of days after and numbers was still off.

had a thorough check of the kickr and pm and found the cause.

anyhoo because of the bad power readings, im now restricted from B (most races are CE now).

how and when will i be reclassified to C? i can barely keep up with front bunch of B let alone join the tail end of A. it’s pointless riding solo. do i have to keep racing to lower my average? or being idle lower it in time?

ooops. typo. i meant back to “B”

Unfortunately there is no way to remove this reading. The only solution is to wait 60 days from the high power meter reading, then you will be allowed back into B.

60 days! :grimacing: that’ll tip me over towards the unsubscribing option. :tired_face:

Yeah, unfortunately that is the only fix that I know of. There are still a bunch of races that don’t use category enforcement, you can still join whatever category suits you for those.

interests/numbers are low on nonCE races. and are actually less and less of those avail out there. bummer.

ive emailed zwift. hope they can get rid of those outliers.

thanks for the reply anyway.

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Would you care to elaborate on the root cause of your elevated power readings?

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wrong crank length set on PM. mustve happened when in was swapped between mtb and road (pm) pedals. i calibrated and calibrated but didn’t spot the crank length. :person_facepalming:

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fusion, evo, team vegan, kirchmair, and 3r still run a lot of non ce races. fusion require Bs to dual record if they can produce 5.4 for 5 or 8.3+ for a minute though

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