Category Enforcement does not work correctly

Hi Zwifters,

seems I got excluded from SZR Crit Crusher Cat C due to my power data (“category enforcement”)… that is very strange and must be an error.

  1. I am C in Zwiftpower and well below the limits.

  2. There is another rider in the same race (today 17:30 CET) who is B in Zwiftpower but starts in C, and all his stats are higher than mine, as well in W/kg, and even more in Watts, as he is heavier than me (which gives another advantage in Crit style races).

Can anyone explain? Or is it because I won one of the five races so far?
I improved over the last weeks (overcame leukemia in winter) and had a good climb in Innsbruck (ZRL series all out), but also then still below cat C limits.

An answer would be nice as the race is in 9h and 30min.

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