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I should be in class D. Why I was class in B yesterday (22h05 3R Innsbruckring Sprint Race ?
Have a good day !!
Ride On !!

Probably because you selected class B. Zwift does not have a way to put you in a specific category, they rely on the user to pick the correct category.

Use the companion app to make sure you pick the correct category.

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I raced today for first time and chose D. Was pleased to see Zwift team being diligent in excluding racers who seemed to choose to line up in the incorrect grades and ride off the front with ease

What event was that because to my knowledge there is no such system in place.

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Was Monday 6:03am Aust EST D grade crit. Riders were excluded during the race when they went well over the w/kg range when riding off the front of the bunch midway thru.

I assume that was the ZHQ FutureWorks Crit City Race - Anti-sandbagging.