Cat Enforcement needs to be more proactive during races

Hey Andrew, thanks for starting this thread because I”m getting up a learning curve in this upgrade thing…is it possible that riders have different strengths - as my Wahoo makes me believe - that a 20 min watt strength can be an hour long FTP weakness? So you can test well or race, short duration well but fall short on fitness as time wears on? That’s my definition as I improve as an untrained (w/o structure) guy. I unfortunately was bumped after my second race in the Zwift games GC from D to C after burying myself in race 2, so I don’t even have a real category ranking after the 5 races because I got bumped. I’ve never done any racing but i told myself this would be fun and halfway through I didn’t want to continue. So a 6th place was the highest I could finish before being “levelled up” to start finishing 40th in the bottom 50% of the field, it’s not fun. Level A or D the experience is ruined when making your eyes bleed….I’d love to read the comments - give it to me!

Frankly the GC standings for Zwift’s own series aren’t even worth bothering paying attention to; primarily because Zwift’s own series fall extreme victim to every issue in Cate Enforcement, whether it be major or minor.

If you want to compete seriously, find series that are taken seriously (Virtuslo, DIRT / Ladder, FRR, Chasing, etc.)
Beyond that, take the normal daily/weekly Zwift races as a workout, as the rules are mostly made up and the points genuinely don’t matter (this goes for ZRL as well for the record). They have no upgrade path system in place, the rules are automated and never checked, and there is no race control.

That’s really the only advice that can be given. If the owners / operators of the series don’t care, you [the rider], should also not care. Otherwise you’ll find yourself getting frustrated, and roll into an echochamber of self doubt and anger… and it’s just not worth it.

I know it not be the best advice you want, but it’s the reality, and unfortunately it seems this has and will continue to be how all of this functions. As long as you’re aware going into these automated series that things aren’t actually taken that seriously, a little more fun can be had at least.

The reality is, CE is far from a good system, has weird limitations and scope, and there’s nothing on Zwift that encourages anyone to upgrade making it an even worse system than most people realize.


Thanks you’re right, my goal wasn’t to become Cat C anyways, it’s just to improve, I’ll look for better avenues to test that determination and fitness. I appreciate your reply. When I’m an okay Cat C I’ll become B anyways…I keep remembering some Pros interviewed on TrainerRoad saying don’t rush to upgrade until you know how to win your bracket, its not all strength after all or we would just race according to a power meter and hand out medals, strategy is the learned trick, so experience counts. Zwift wants me out of a category after a first top-10 well that says enough - joke.