Cat D Racing

Thanks Craig I’ll have a look.

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No worries! You may though want to reinforce or mention the necessity to sign up for Zwiftpower (maybe a link to instructions as well)? I referenced before, but took a fresh look. The Easy Peasy Friday ride (event ID 3196542), which looks like it captured a good number of your target type of population, according to Zwift had 284 signups. However on ZP, only 66 results?

The mass start events, if you’re unaware at the time can be really annoying, I always look in the companion app and look at the start times for the cats, if they all say the same I know it’s a mass start event and then no point powering off and killing yourself within the first 1km

Generally different cats start at different times

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I think that’s a group ride though, John @Wannie, not a race.

I wouldn’t expect anyone not racing to go through the pain to sign up for ZwiftPower.

I’ll see, we probably could add that to the race description.

I thought the point is to capture the attention of beginners who by default, haven’t been racing?

Many people don’t know what Zwiftpower is and don’t want to sign up and only take what Zwift shows them… Really should be upto Zwift to enroll them into Zwiftpower but they then go privacy issues etc

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Thanks Rich

I don’t understand why the only thing extra Zwift really needs to enroll someone in Zwiftpower is a check in a box that says they agree to the ZP terms. Have this and the opt-in as part of Zwift account setup for new users. Another check box if new user desires, to click the box that says something “No thank you, I do not want access to race results in Zwiftpower”

This ZP thing is confusing, to me at least. I do a race and come 3rd (the Zwift screen says 3rd) but when I go to ZP I’m 1st, for example. Did the others get kicked out or was it just they don’t have ZP, even though the event says the results will be in ZP?

Something to do with personal data being available for all to see but I don’t know what Zwift think at times

Should be automatically enrolled into Zwiftpower but seeing that Zwiftpower is part of zwift and has been for over 2 years you’d think there would be some plan to do it, then again maybe the race community is something Zwift would rather not have deal with, would explain quite a lot of the decisions


Again this comes down to a disconnect between Zwift results and what started as a community race system, over time Zwiftpower has become the place to we results due to zwift not having the tools for the community

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Both, but mostly the latter.

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I tried running an E series for sub 2. Generally about 2 people turned up.

GDPR is real.

thats a shame then that such a poor turn out, maybe it was the time of day or route?

I did it for 6 months :joy:

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Glad zwift recognises that, just need to apply the rules soon…

True, but is ZP enrollment now at least embedded in the process in new account registration for new users to either opt in or out of?

No, it is not.

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Could do similar to car racing Sims and add an elastic band so 50m behind you get a w/kg boost that drops as you get closer to the front. Encourages pushing and not worrying too much about blowing up. Can have point ratio for how long at the front. I’m sure some bangers will game the system but if it gives more D:s a race does it matter?

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