Cat D racers in US needed

Team CLS needs Cat. D racers in the U.S. If you are interested or have questions, DM me or google
“ teamclscc join-us.”

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Interested. Are we required to attend/race every event? What are the requirements, if any?

Lee, you can race as many or as few as you wish. Only requirement is to set up a zwiftpower account. The US races are at 7.30 pm and 9 pm, EST

Yup, I have an account in ZwiftPower. “Lee BLUESYLEE BCCC”.

Here are the steps. The main thing is to connect with Scott Bell, who is the guru of all things CLS categories D and C . Facebook messenger is a good way to reach him.

Sign up steps

  1. Sign up to ZwiftPower
  2. Join Team CLS on ZwiftPower
  3. Follow Scott Bell (Team CLS) on Zwift
  4. On Zwift your tag on your name should be (Team CLS)
  5. Ride the CLS Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday ride so you get the team kit.
  6. Sign up to Team CLS Racing & Team CLS, Team CLS Wellbeing, WTRL Zwift Racing League and WTRL Team Time Trial Facebook pages
  7. Download the discord app & join Team CLS server on discord (Let me know if you need the link).
  8. Register and verify an account on the WTRL website.
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Thanks, I’m in and going to give this racing thing a chance.