Cat B filter didn't exist on in-game results

Seen this quite a few times now. Cat A worked. Cat B finishers were found in C, and C were in D. Cat D finishers weren’t present at all. There was nothing in E.

Works fine on the Companion app after saving the activity.

I can confirm that this is an issue. Seem this numerous times in the past 2 weeks.

Can confirm on the Apple iPad version as well. Finished a B cat Crit race but the results of the B cat race would show up in both the C and D filters but not the B filter (which was empty).

I wonder if adding E cat has disturbed the spaghetti.

Are you all using iOS?

Nope, I am on Windows 10.

I saw it occur on Mac

Thanks everyone. Will flag.

Still the same, including on the popular Zwift Classics events which must be a particular shame for D racers.

Edit: it was C that wasn’t present this time. We were in D.

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Same on the latest round.

Cat A in C and vice versa this time.