Cat. A Racer Seeking TTT Squad

I am a member of Team TFC. I have ridden the weekly TTT with our Espresso squads for more than a year. Unfortunately, many of our team’s Cat. A racers have taken to outside and are not currently available for the weekly TTT. I am seeking an Espresso squad for the weekly TTT.

You should probably mention what zones you’re available for…

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Good point. I am available for Zones 3 - 14. Also, I am available for a Doppio squad.

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Hi - we have a new team registered for our first race #123 in time zone 13. Are you keen to join us? Just search Sisu Racing on Zwift Power. If you’re keen I’ll send you a race pass. Next week we are thinking time zone 1 will better suit. Tomorrow we are time zone 13.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your response. And, apologies for the delayed reply. I have already identified a few teams.

Thanks and good luck!